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Okinawa Techo

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(Japanese only)
Okinawa informative app. If you live in Okinawa, who are thinking of traveling, and for those who love Okinawa. Daily high tide / low tide / sun / events and history are on Okinawa to a variety of sunset and lunar data.

1. Todays Page (day calendar.)
2. Events This Week
3. OCS card merchant Information
4. Okinawa Map
5. Accommodation Guide
6. Food shopping guide
7. Tourist Information
8. Sports Information
9. Air Information
10. Sea Information
11. Monorail Information
12. Expressway Bus Information
13. Historical events in Okinawa
14. Okinawa Culture
15. Okinawa Life
16. Reminder
17. Dial Weather News
18. Kukurun
19. About OCS Card
20. Information

"Handbook of Okinawa" as a sister application life "Okinawa" may. Museums and libraries, hospitals, and schools to the information published. "Life in Okinawa," the event such information will be updated at any time information is not included. Events and other information, "Handbook 2010 edition of Okinawa," the available thank you. (FY 2011 version of the data Please note that applications will be different.)